Gulnora Karimovaning qizi DXX raisi va Bosh prokuraturaga ariza yozdi

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Gulnora Karimovaning qizi Imon Karimova DXX raisi va Bosh prokuraturaga ariza yozdi va uni onasining Instagram sahifasida joyladi. Unda onasining qamoqdagi holati, ruhiy bosim o‘tkazilayotgani va uning sog‘lig‘idan tashvishda ekanligini bildirgan.


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The actions of a few jeopardise the efforts and reputation of many. The Prosecution Service of Uzbekistan is on a shaky path. Plagued by issues of corruption, problems with legitimacy and the ability to prove that the agency has regained trust among the population of Uzbekistan – very few believe in the trustworthiness of their actions, rulings and investigations. With constant shakeups and rearrangements of it’s employees due to a never ending stream of mishaps, scandals and simple incompetence – can the current leadership rid the Prosecution Service of the rotten element that is causing constant failure to any attempt of reshaping the organisation into what it should be? This is a letter that outlines the current problems in just a single case that the Prosecution department mismanaged to such an extent, even the Swiss Prosecution has withdrawn any support and want of cooperating. Is it intentional that certain employees cause a situation to be so escalated, that the political leadership of the entire nation is driven to an uncomfortable position? Is it a planned attempt at destabilising the new government that works towards reshaping Uzbekistan’s image, and if it is, are other agencies so increasingly inept at limiting such attempts? No self respecting investor, be it private or international can have any assurance they will not be next. Clearly Human Rights are not even considered and are far behind in the list of priorities of the current government, if ranking employees of the Prosecution Service can run amok and wreak havoc to such an extent it overshadows any progress that the country achieves. #Justice #Rottenfruit #Rightsoverpolitics #Law

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